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Sheriff's Office

Mounted Unit

The Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Mounted Unit was established in 2014 by S/O Brian Stockhoff and “Mounted One” Sambucca. It started off at the Ocean County Fair and has expanded since to include searching for missing persons and patrolling all of the parks throughout Ocean County.

The mounted unit has been used for crowd control and boardwalk patrols and is a great public relations asset. Mounted officers are more maneuverable than an officer in a motor vehicle and faster than an officer on foot and are an amazing sight to be seen. The mounted unit provides an opportunity for children and adults to interact with an officer in a positive situation that is outside the realm of normal police interactions

This interaction between a mounted officer and the community is important to establish a positive rapport with both the people of Ocean County and those who are visiting our county. The newest addition to the mounted patrol is Kianti, “Mounted Two”, who took over in 2017 after the passing of Sambucca.