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Sheriff's Office

About The Sheriff's Office

Organizational Chart

The Office of the Sheriff is one of three constitutional offices in Ocean County. It shares this distinction with the Surrogate and the County Clerk. The Office of the Sheriff is comprised of all Administrative Offices for the Sheriff. These offices include the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Chief Sheriff's Officer, the Fiscal Unit, and the Administrative Clerk Supervisor.

Through this office, the Sheriff directs the activities and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of all divisions within his office having the responsibility of staffing all divisions and units with well-trained professional personnel. The Sheriff has the responsibility of providing executive leadership and is the direct liaison with the Freeholders, County administrator, the public, local law enforcement agencies, state and county offices and specialized community services.

The Undersheriff, under the direction of the Sheriff, is the executive officer and is responsible for the command of the officers to ensure proper performance of their duties, oversee the adherence of established rules, regulations, policies and procedures, and all divisions and units within the Sheriff's Office as well as maintaining the esprit de corps within the ranks. The Undersheriff is to act as a law enforcement officer for the detection, apprehension, arrest and conviction of offenders against the law. With regard to general duties, he works to ensure the cooperation with other divisions within the Sheriff’s Office.

The Fiscal Analyst is responsible for the processing of grants for the entire Sheriff's Office, the preparation and maintenance of the departments' yearly budgets, payroll, any financial aspects of the department and is the Assistant Accreditation Manager. Under the direction of the Fiscal Analyst, is the Fiscal Unit. Currently there are six positions in the fiscal unit that manages but is not limited to the budget, grants, accreditation maintenance, policy review, directive and document dissemination, purchasing, accounts payable, bookkeeping for civil processing, banking, payroll, secretarial, asset resource, contract review, bid preparation, training/course dissemination, and assists with the accreditation process for NJSACOP recognition.

The Administrative Clerk is responsible for the preparing, processing and maintaining of all personnel documents and files for the Sheriff’s Office along with supervising the clerical staff in the Office of the Sheriff - Civil Process Unit. This includes Summons and Complaints, General Writs and Foreclosures. Also, works with the Sheriff, Undersheriff, as an administrative aid.